How to place your bow?

You ponytail should be secured with hair elastic not your hair bow. It should be at the very top of your head, couple inches from hair line. After you ponytail is up and your make up is done it is time to attach your hair bow. Place it facing forward under your original hair elastic. Hair spray and make up can dull rhinestones and some fabrics. You can use couple hair pins to pin down the tails. It will help reduce some bow movements during routine.

How to care for your bow?

Do not wash it. Spot clean only. It is not functional wear but rather for decoration. And you should care for it properly to prolong its life. It should be stored laying flat in a container or placed on cheer bow holder. Do not attach it to your backpack if you'd like to keep it in original condition. 

What if my hair tie break?

You still can use your BRAGABIT hair bow! Put your ponytail up using hair elastic, take your hair bow with broken hair elastic, place it where you would usually place it and tie your hair elastic.